Lampre Caffita Kappa Cannondale 2005 Pro Team Jersey

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Front of the Lampre Caffita Kappa Cannondale 2005 Pro Team Jersey

From the 2005 season, the bold styling of this Lampre team jersey is no doubt inspired by the team's leisurewear sponsor Kappa who do enjoy splashing big, bold & brash lettering!

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Prendas Ciclismo

Year: 2005

Manufacturer: Cannondale

Associated Bike Brand: Cannondale

This jersey is from the 2005 season, and I distinctly remember seeing one hung up in my local Cannondale dealer in their window display.  I particularly like the bold styling, no doubt inspired by the team's leisurewear sponsor Kappa who are rather well known for slapping rather big, bold and striking letters over everything!

The previous year saw Damiano Cunego beat established team leader Gilberto Simoni in the 2004 Giro D'Italia which didn't exactly go down that well with Simoni! In the days well before social media, the team took full advantage of the rivalry between the pair, no doubt helped by Cannondale's marketing department at the time who were good at getting the maximum publicity from their sponsorship dollars - the Legalize my Cannondale promotion being a favourite of mine at the time.

Let's get back to Lampre - the title sponsor who manufacturer pre-coated steel - what's commonly seen on the outside of whitegoods like washing machines, dishwashers, refrigerators, etc. They've been a sponsor of cycling for 23 years and 2017 will see the professional peloton without them.  I think it's fair to say they've gone past the point of recouping their investment but the owner of Lampre is simply a fan of the sport.

Looking at the co-sponsors Lampre have had over the years, very few of them have been from within the cycling industry.  Apart from Colnago in 1992 and Merida more recently in 2013, many are in heavy industry, catering or one of my favourites Farnese Vini!




Date Submitted: 04 Jan 2017