Santini Maglificio Sportivo (SMS)

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Santini Maglificio Sportivo (SMS) was started by Pietro Santini in 1965 - in 2015 they celebrated 50 years of making cycle clothing!

With this sort of history, they've supplied clothing to both iconic teams (Peugeot, SCIC, La Vie Claire, Mapei, Liquigas, GreenEdge, Lotto/Jumbo) as well as well respected national teams (Australia, Spain) as well as the very top tier of professional races like the Giro D'Italia, the Tirreno-Adriatico and the Criterium du Dauphine Libere.

ADR 1989 Team 
JerseyADR 1989 Team Jersey
The 1989 edition of the Tour de France was thrilling to the end! Greg Lemond riding a red Bottecchia bicycle, in an ADR jersey winning by a slender margin of 8 seconds!
Androni 2011 
Team JerseyAndroni 2011 Team Jersey
This colourful, logo-heavy design has kept a similar design theme over the years, keeping the team afloat.
Wool JerseyAtala/Pirelli Wool Jersey
This Atala wool jersey was made by Santini to be used during the 1995 production of RAI`s `Il Grande Fausto` film.
Australian Team JerseyAustralian Team Jersey
Santini have been happy to partner with the Australian National Team for over ten years. This is the 2008 team jersey.
Belgian National 
JerseyBelgian National Jersey
The simple yet iconic design of the Belgian National Team, this jersey is made by Santini in wool.
Belkin 2014 Team 
JerseyBelkin 2014 Team Jersey
This stunning aero jersey from Santini is identical to the ones you will see the pro riders wearing during the 2014 season!
Bianchi/Motorex/Manitou MTB Team JerseyBianchi/Motorex/Manitou MTB Team Jersey
Although primarily known for their road bikes, Bianchi sponsored a top-flight MTB team featuring Jose Antonio Hermida and Julien Absalon.
Wool JerseyBianchi/Ursus Wool Jersey
This Bianchi wool jersey was to be used by the Italian actor Sergio Castellitto as Fauso Coppi in RAI`s `Il Grande Fausto` film.
Brooklyn Wool 
JerseyBrooklyn Wool Jersey
With four victories in Paris-Roubaix, RdV was known as "Monsieur Paris Roubaix", most people remember him on a GIOS riding this jersey!
CCC Polsat 
JerseyCCC Polsat Jersey
After seeing Maciej Paterski in action at the 2014 Volta a Catalunya; I was surprised how little this team jersey have changed!
Ciclamino/Termozeta JerseyCiclamino/Termozeta Jersey
Made for Johan Van der Velde by Santini, this Ciclamino jersey was almost certainly made for post-Giro criteriums.
Cilo Wool L/S JerseyCilo Wool L/S Jersey
A simple yet effective design from Santini that certainly looks much better than the 1990`s MTB fluro design!
Coca Cola 
JerseyCoca Cola Jersey
Not available to buy outside of Japan, I just HAD to get my hands on one of these Santini jerseys!
Coca Cola SS14 
JerseyCoca Cola SS14 Jersey
Due to licensing restrictions, this is still only available in Japan - luckily my friend sent me one over in the mail!
Wool JerseyCoop/Hoonved Wool Jersey
A bold, great looking jersey design that still works today that won the La Fleche Wallonne in 1984 thanks to Kim Andersen.
Cote D`Or/DAF 
Trucks JerseyCote D`Or/DAF Trucks Jersey
Yet another stunning wool jersey from Santini of Bergamo - this time one that Roger De Vlaeminck looked GREAT in!
Dauphine 2007 
KoM JerseyDauphine 2007 KoM Jersey
The Dauphine`s Polka-dot jersey has unusually white dots on a red background, making this jersey different to Le Tour jersey.
Dauphine 2007 
Yellow JerseyDauphine 2007 Yellow Jersey
Yellow leaders jersey from the 2007 Criterium du Dauphine by Santini with Credit Agricole logos.
De Nardi/Ukrainian Champ JerseyDe Nardi/Ukrainian Champ Jersey
A bold, bright and colourful affair made for Serhiy Honchar by Santini which still looks good even with the McDonalds logos!
Del Tongo/German 
Champ jerseyDel Tongo/German Champ jersey
A stunning wool jersey made by Santini for the 1985 German Champion Rolf Golz
Drops GB JerseyDrops GB Jersey
The Drops Cycling Team had stellar inaugural season with Alice Barnes (u23) and Ellie Dickinson (u18) both taking national titles.
Drops/Prendas JerseyDrops/Prendas Jersey
This Drops Cycling/Prendas race jersey provides a tight-fitting garment to enhance aerodynamics for the riders of the Drops Cycling Team.
Europ Decor/Boule d`Or `84 JerseyEurop Decor/Boule d`Or `84 Jersey
A stunning example of an 1980`s team jersey, as worn by Frank Hoste on his way to winning the Green/Points TdF Jersey.
Europ Decor/Dries 83 Wool JerseyEurop Decor/Dries 83 Wool Jersey
Team leader, Frank Hoste wore this in the later half of 1983 as he would have been proudly riding in the Belgian champion jersey before July.
G.S. Del Tongo 
JerseyG.S. Del Tongo Jersey
Not the design people remember when thinking of the Del Tongo/Colnago team, so perhaps the GS Del Tongo was an amateur feeder team?
gelati Sanson Wool Jerseygelati Sanson Wool Jersey
A truly iconic jersey, the Sanson jersey was made famous by Francesco Moser`s victories in Paris-Roubaix.
Giro 2002 Pink 
JerseyGiro 2002 Pink Jersey
Commissioned by Prendas, this Giro leaders jersey has a MAPEI sponsor panel to celebrate Cadel`s time in the lead before he cracked in the mountains.
Giro 2003 Pink 
JerseyGiro 2003 Pink Jersey
2003 was the first time RCS asked an artist to design the backdrop of the Maglia Rosa and Ugo Nespolo was asked for the 86th edition.
Giro 2004 Pink JerseyGiro 2004 Pink Jersey
During the mid 2000`s, RCS and Santini opted to have an artist`s painting incorporated into the design, 2004 was the turn of Mark Kostobi.
Giro 2005 Pink 
JerseyGiro 2005 Pink Jersey
2005 saw Marco Lodola design the background design for the 88th Maglia Rosa for the Giro D`Italia.
Giro 2006 Pink 
JerseyGiro 2006 Pink Jersey
For the 89th Giro D`Italia, Lucio Del Pezzo`s design was incorporated into the 89th Maglia Rosa which also saw the EstaTHE logo added.
Giro 2007 Pink 
JerseyGiro 2007 Pink Jersey
Antonio Tamburro`s painting was subtly printed on the leaders jerseys of the 90th edition of the Giro d`Italia.
Giro 2010 Black/Pink JerseyGiro 2010 Black/Pink Jersey
Every year Santini produce a range of garments to complement the Giro d’Italia leaders’ jerseys - this Maglia Nera is from the 2010 range.
Giro 2013 Pink 
JerseyGiro 2013 Pink Jersey
Sir Paul Smith designed the 2013 Maglia Rosa for RCS who organise the Giro adding his own small touches to the iconic design.
Giro Centoanni 
Pink JerseyGiro Centoanni Pink Jersey
This maglia rosa was designed by the famous Italian fashion duo Dolce and Gabbana to celebrate the 100th edition.
Giro del Bergamasco JerseyGiro del Bergamasco Jersey
Research reveals that this wonderful Santini wool team jersey was the leaders jersey for the 1984 Settimana Ciclistica Bergamasca - won by Flavio Giupponi.
Giro KoM/Green 
2005 JerseyGiro KoM/Green 2005 Jersey
Worn by Jose Rujano in 2005, this green/KoM jersey even has the correct sponsor logos in the white panel.
2007 Pink JerseyGiro/Cannondale 2007 Pink Jersey
Won by Danilo Di Luca in 2007, this Giro D`Italia replica pink jersey has a Liquigas/Cannondale sponsor panel.
2007 JerseyGiro/Ciclamino 2007 Jersey
The ciclamino sprinters jersey was worn by Alessandro Petacchi who has since been removed from the records.
Coppi Wool JerseyGiro/Fausto Coppi Wool Jersey
Santini produced this limited edition wool jersey to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Fausto Coppi`s first pink jersey.
Maglia Nera Wool JerseyGiro/Fausto Maglia Nera Wool Jersey
Santini produced this limited edition "Maglia Nera" jersey exclusively for Prendas Ciclismo to compliment the 70th anniversary pink jersey
2006 Pink JerseyGiro/Liquigas 2006 Pink Jersey
Worn by Danilo Di Luca in 2006, this pink jersey even has the correct sponsor logos in the white panel.
Giro/Saeco 2004 
Pink JerseyGiro/Saeco 2004 Pink Jersey
Won by Damiano Cunego in 2004, this Giro D`Italia replica pink jersey has a Saeco/Cannondale sponsor panel.
Giro/Saxobank 2011 Pink JerseyGiro/Saxobank 2011 Pink Jersey
Exclusively made for Saxobank team and staff members, this Giro jersey has Saxobank/Sunguard logos in sponsor panel.
GIS Gelati 
L/Sleeve JerseyGIS Gelati L/Sleeve Jersey
This stunning navy blue team training long sleeve wool jersey is from the 1982 season.
Gis Gelati 1979 JerseyGis Gelati 1979 Jersey
The team jerseys of long-term sponsor GiS Geltai have a bold, distinctive and unique logo that`s been present on the various design iterations over the years.
GreenEDGE 2012 
Team JerseyGreenEDGE 2012 Team Jersey
The second version of the GreenEdge kit for 2012, released just after the Tour Down Under.
GS Guerciotti 
TrainerGS Guerciotti Trainer
This stunning wool trainer was made for four-time world Cyclo-Cross champion Roland Liboton who rode for Guerciotti/Campagnolo in the 80`s.
Heineken Team 
JerseyHeineken Team Jersey
A good-looking jersey, a great array of sponsors - turns out it was too good to be true!
Games JerseyIoM/Commonwealth Games Jersey
Made for Mark Cavendish, this jersey was made for the Manx Missle with World Champ bands on the collar/cuffs.
Aernhoudt/Rossin JerseyJ. Aernhoudt/Rossin Jersey
Another fantastic wool retro team jersey by Santini that was ridden to victory at the 1983 Paris Roubaix by Hennie Kuiper.
Jelly Belly 2006 JerseyJelly Belly 2006 Jersey
Etxeondo first made this colourful kit in 2003, but they were then replaced as clothing sponsor by Santini 2004 - 2006.
Katusha Aero 2013 JerseyKatusha Aero 2013 Jersey
A Team Original tight-fitting aero jersey produced by Santini for Joaquim Rodriguez and his Katusha team mates.
Champion JerseyKatusha/Italian Champion Jersey
This Santini jersey is the design that Filippo Pozzato settled on for his Italian National Champion jersey.
Katusha/Nero JerseyKatusha/Nero Jersey
A special edition, Italian champion black jersey that became an underground favourite!
La Vie Claire 1985 JerseyLa Vie Claire 1985 Jersey
As worn by Bernard Hinault, a truly unique design based on Mondrian`s geometric pattern that was something of a revolution in the peloton.
Wool Jersey Legnano/Pirelli Wool Jersey
This iconic Legnano/Pirelli green and red retro wool jersey with collars and button pockets was made by Santini to star in a RAI film about Fausto Coppi.
Liquigas/Bianchi/WC JerseyLiquigas/Bianchi/WC Jersey
Commissioned by Prendas, this 2005 jersey gave fans of Super Mario the chance to enjoy his season with the Italian super Team Liquigas - Bianchi.
Liquigas/Cannondale L/S JerseyLiquigas/Cannondale L/S Jersey
In 2005 Enrico Gasparotto was the Italian champion, so Santini made this jersey for 2006.
Liquigas/ProTour L/S JerseyLiquigas/ProTour L/S Jersey
In 2005 Danilo Di Luca was the overall winner of the UCI`s ProTour series, so Santini made this jersey for 2006.
Lotto/Eddy Merckx JerseyLotto/Eddy Merckx Jersey
This adventurous and striking jersey by Santini from the 1986 season for the Belgian National Lottery is great fun!
Lotto/Jumbo 2015 
Team JerseyLotto/Jumbo 2015 Team Jersey
The Lotto Jumbo jersey is a team original/aero version from Santini that is the same technical specification that the pro riders wear in 2015.
Mapei Day 2006 JerseyMapei Day 2006 Jersey
This event jersey by Santini for the annual Mapei Day features an eagle as part of the design for 2006.
Mapei Day 2010 JerseyMapei Day 2010 Jersey
This celebration jersey made by Santini for the 2010 Mapei Day with the design created in memory of Franco Ballerini.
Mapei Day 2014 JerseyMapei Day 2014 Jersey
This jersey is a 10th anniversary celebration for Mapei Day - a fantastic annual multi-sport event that takes place in July.
Matrix 2012 
JerseyMatrix 2012 Jersey
The striking jersey was as worn by London 2012 Gold medallists Dani King and Jo Rowsell.
Mercatone Uno 1997 JerseyMercatone Uno 1997 Jersey
Worn by the team riders in the 1997 Tour De France, this version of the jersey contains more blue to avoid of clash with the famous Maillot Jaune.
Mobili/Italian Champion JerseyMetauro Mobili/Italian Champion Jersey
A stunning wool jersey made by Santini for 1983 Belgian National Champion Lucien Van Impe.
Mobili/Italian Champion JerseyMetauro Mobili/Italian Champion Jersey
A stunning wool jersey made by Santini for 1984 Italian National Champion Vittorio Algeri who later directed Team Milram.
Metauro 1983 
Wool JerseyMetauro 1983 Wool Jersey
This is the 1983 version of this team jersey, which features alot more blue than the 1984 version also in our collection.
Metauro Mobili 
Wool JerseyMetauro Mobili Wool Jersey
This stripey retro wool jersey by Santini would have looked great on team-leader Lucien Van Impe!
Milram JerseyMilram Jersey
The 2008 pro team jersey of the Milram Colnago team who had bunch-sprint specialist Erik Zabel as their star rider in the peloton.
Milram Kuh 
JerseyMilram Kuh Jersey
A special edition jersey design was produced by Santini to celebrate the Tour of Germany (Deutschland Tour) passing by the Milram company HQ.
JerseyMolteni/Arcore Jersey
It`s impossible to separate the iconic brown Molteni retro jersey design from Eddy Merckx - this modern day replica is by Santini
Orica 2012 Team 
JerseyOrica 2012 Team Jersey
The third/final version of the GreenEdge kit for 2012, Orica where announced for the Tour de France.
Peugeot Wool 
JerseyPeugeot Wool Jersey
A short sleeve wool team jersey made by Santini for the Peugeot team in the 1980`s with it`s iconic checkerboard design.
Champ JerseyPezula/Irish Champ Jersey
A replica of the Irish champion jersey that Ciaran Power wore in the 2008 season riding for the Pezula pro team.
Polti JerseyPolti Jersey
The Polti jersey was made by Santini throughout it's history and is one that often appears in people's worst jersey lists!
Reynolds/Galli JerseyReynolds/Galli Jersey
This delightful Reynolds jersey from the 1981 season features a wool/acrylic mix and some fabulous flock lettering and logos.
1981 JerseySafir/Ludo/Galli 1981 Jersey
Stunning 1981 wool retro jersey from this Belgian team that featured Herman Van Springel in the team of 20 riders.
Sammontana/Benotto JerseySammontana/Benotto Jersey
Santini have employed the use of Embroidery, flock lettering and sewn on patches and badges to create this stunning Sammontana/Benotto jersey!
Italia JerseySantini/Selle Italia Jersey
Added as Santini Maglificio Sportivo recently celebrated their 50th anniversary, I`ve added this classic retro jersey.
Duval/Tafi JerseySaunier Duval/Tafi Jersey
This colourful and rather ill-advised jersey design was made for Tafi`s last Paris-Roubaix appearance.
Saunier Duval/TdF JerseySaunier Duval/TdF Jersey
For the 2006 Tour de France, Santini provided the nine Saunier Duval/Prodir team riders with an alternative kit featuring more white & less yellow.
SCIC JerseySCIC Jersey
A monochrome design made famous by Giuseppe Saronni, Vittorio Adorni, Franco Balmamion and Gianbattista Baronchelli.
JerseySigma/Fina Jersey
If you are a Belgian paint manufacturer, what better way to advertise than a colourful pro cycling team jersey?
South Australia 
2008 JerseySouth Australia 2008 Jersey
A fun and vibrant team jersey by Santini from the 2008 season for an Australian UCI Conti team featuring the inevitable kangaroo!
Champ/Saunier Duval JerseySpanish Champ/Saunier Duval Jersey
A plain but tasteful Spanish champion jersey made by Santini for Juan Manuel Garate when he rode for Saunier Duval in 2005.
Splendor/Wickes Wool JerseySplendor/Wickes Wool Jersey
The level of detail on this jersey, especially the checkerboard design at the bottom, would put some modern team-issue jerseys to shame!
2013 JerseySynergy/Baku 2013 Jersey
Sometimes, the smallest teams have the best jersey designs! This BAKU team jersey is simplistic yet bold that proudly shows the colours of the Azerbaijani flag.
TI Raleigh 
JerseyTI Raleigh Jersey
The TI Raleigh team jersey must be one of the most iconic designs of all time; the sheer simplicity and bold design makes it unmistakable!
Tirreno-Adriatico 2004 JerseyTirreno-Adriatico 2004 Jersey
Yellow leaders jersey from the 2004 Tirreno-Adriatico by Santini with blank panel ready for sublimation.
Tirreno-Adriatico 2008 JerseyTirreno-Adriatico 2008 Jersey
Blue leaders jersey from the 2008 Tirreno-Adriatico by Santini.
Toshiba Team 
JerseyToshiba Team Jersey
Coming after the iconic La Vie Claire team jersey design, the Toshiba/Look design was never as popular.
Toshiba/Look 1988 JerseyToshiba/Look 1988 Jersey
Made in Italy by Santini, this hybrid design features the Mondrian colours with Toshiba logos.
Tour Down Under 
Ochre JerseyTour Down Under Ochre Jersey
The 14th edition of the Tour Down Under was won by Simon Gerrans (GreenEDGE) after taking the lead on the penultimate stage.
Tour of 
Germany/Garmin JerseyTour of Germany/Garmin Jersey
Great looking leaders jersey featuring Garmin logos was made by Santini for the 2008 edition of the race.
Tour of Ireland/Green JerseyTour of Ireland/Green Jersey
AN Post were the jersey sponsor for the 2009 Tour of Ireland Points Classification as well as the main sponsor for Sean Kelly`s continental team
UCI World Cup 
JerseyUCI World Cup Jersey
This is the leaders jersey from the UCI Road World Cup that was a year-long competition for one-day specialists in the peloton.
Champ/Freddie Rodriguez JerseyUSA Champ/Freddie Rodriguez Jersey
Amazing how much the USA Champion jersey and old retro Brooklyn jerseys look alike!
Vini Caldirola 
JerseyVini Caldirola Jersey
Fluro yellow is a big trend for 2013, so this Vini Caldirola pro team jersey`s hip again!
World Champion 
Road JerseyWorld Champion Road Jersey
Made by Santini and officially licensed by the UCI, this World Champion jersey has been signed by the best cyclist in the world - Marianne Vos!
World Champion/Lampre JerseyWorld Champion/Lampre Jersey
Officially licensed by the UCI, this World Champion jersey with Lampre/NGC/Wilier logos was made for replica sales by Santini.


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