The most popular jerseys of the collection

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This page shows you the most popular jerseys that have been added to the online collection.

Leopard/Trek JerseyLeopard/Trek Jersey
When the Leopard/Trek team was announced, it`s simple and bold styling caused much debate.  Visits: 9,153
Mapei/GB 1996 JerseyMapei/GB 1996 Jersey
This multi-coloured Mapei/GB team jersey from the 1996 season is a favourite and should be in anybody`s top 10!  Visits: 9,088
Brooklyn Wool 
JerseyBrooklyn Wool Jersey
With four victories in Paris-Roubaix, RdV was known as "Monsieur Paris Roubaix", most people remember him on a GIOS riding this jersey!  Visits: 8,554
Wool JerseyBianchi/Ursus Wool Jersey
This Bianchi wool jersey was to be used by the Italian actor Sergio Castellitto as Fauso Coppi in RAI`s `Il Grande Fausto` film.  Visits: 7,149
gelati Sanson Wool Jerseygelati Sanson Wool Jersey
A truly iconic jersey, the Sanson jersey was made famous by Francesco Moser`s victories in Paris-Roubaix.  Visits: 7,092
Coppi Wool JerseyGiro/Fausto Coppi Wool Jersey
Santini produced this limited edition wool jersey to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Fausto Coppi`s first pink jersey.  Visits: 6,806
Wool Jersey Legnano/Pirelli Wool Jersey
This iconic Legnano/Pirelli green and red retro wool jersey with collars and button pockets was made by Santini to star in a RAI film about Fausto Coppi.  Visits: 6,636
Retro 1983 JerseyRenault/Elf Retro 1983 Jersey
The Renault/Elf team jersey was and still is a really striking design, made by Castelli in Italy.  Visits: 6,363
TI Raleigh 
JerseyTI Raleigh Jersey
The TI Raleigh team jersey must be one of the most iconic designs of all time; the sheer simplicity and bold design makes it unmistakable!  Visits: 5,804
GB/Sky Team S/S JerseyGB/Sky Team S/S Jersey
No doubt inspired by the London 2012 kit, British Cycling launched this new jersey design for the 2013/2014 season.  Visits: 5,615
Peugeot Wool 
JerseyPeugeot Wool Jersey
A short sleeve wool team jersey made by Santini for the Peugeot team in the 1980`s with it`s iconic checkerboard design.  Visits: 5,430
Vini Fantini 
2013 Pro Team JerseyVini Fantini 2013 Pro Team Jersey
A great looking kit that stands out in the modern day peloton, some exciting riders, an invite to the Giro D`Italia, what could possibly go wrong?  Visits: 5,414
1996 JerseyMG/Technogym 1996 Jersey
This jersey from Nalini is from the Italian professional team who had Bugno, Bartoli, Bettini and 1996 Olympic Champion Pascal Richard.  Visits: 5,230
Wool JerseyAtala/Pirelli Wool Jersey
This Atala wool jersey was made by Santini to be used during the 1995 production of RAI`s `Il Grande Fausto` film.  Visits: 5,158
Tongo/Colnago 82 JerseyDel Tongo/Colnago 82 Jersey
An iconic jersey design: the Del Tondo / Colnago team had some great champions on the road and were clothed by a number of different clothing manufacturers too!  Visits: 5,140
GreenEDGE 2012 
Team JerseyGreenEDGE 2012 Team Jersey
The second version of the GreenEdge kit for 2012, released just after the Tour Down Under.  Visits: 4,889
Wool JerseyCoop/Hoonved Wool Jersey
A bold, great looking jersey design that still works today that won the La Fleche Wallonne in 1984 thanks to Kim Andersen.  Visits: 4,734
Splendor/Wickes Wool JerseySplendor/Wickes Wool Jersey
The level of detail on this jersey, especially the checkerboard design at the bottom, would put some modern team-issue jerseys to shame!  Visits: 4,728