Australian National Team Jersey

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Front of the Australian National Team Jersey

Santini have been happy to partner with the Australian National Team for over ten years. This is the 2008 team jersey.

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Prendas Ciclismo

Year: 2008

Manufacturer: Santini

Associated Bike Brand: Bianchi Bikes

The Australian National team have consistently produced champions on the road, track, BMX and mountain bike. Just think of names like Cadel Evans or Anna Meares if you need any proof!

So, it`s little wonder that Santini have been happy to partner with one of the most powerful national teams in cycling for over ten years. Not only do they provide good PR all-year round, they also help with the development of new products like the skinsuit that the Aus track riders are often seen wearing.

Due to the complex nature of corporate sponsorship of the Olympic and Commonweath Games, The Australian National Team wear a very different jersey for these events. Take a look at the Australian VXIII / 2006 Commonwealth Games Team Jersey in our collection.



Date Submitted: 17 May 2016