Le Groupement/Bianchi/Biemme 1995 Team Jersey

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Front of the Le Groupement/Bianchi/Biemme 1995 Team Jersey

Le Groupement only lasted a season but it`s team jersey gets plenty of mentions decades later - normally in lists of worst ever jersey designs!

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Prendas Ciclismo

Year: 1995

Manufacturer: Biemme

Associated Bike Brand: Bianchi Bikes

The French Le Groupement/Bianchi was backed by a pyramid selling company that folded halfway through the season just before the Tour de France leaving recently crowned British Champion Robert Millar and world champion Luc Leblanc out of a job.

Le Groupement signed Graeme Obree for the start of the 1995, presumably after they saw how well Chris Boardman had adapted to the European professional peloton. But the relationship ended quickly when Obree was exposed to the way the team operated.

As for the jersey design itself, it`s yet another jersey that is rightly consigned to the history books as one of the worst of all time - not even the magic of the Bianchi name could save this one!



Date Submitted: 17 May 2016