Leopard/Trek 2011 Team-Issue Aero Jersey

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Front of the Leopard/Trek 2011 Team-Issue Aero Jersey

When the Leopard/Trek team was announced, it`s simple and bold styling caused much debate.

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Prendas Ciclismo

Year: 2011

Manufacturer: Craft

Associated Bike Brand: Trek Bikes

Races: Paris Roubaix  

Many modern UCI ProTour teams have up to 30 commercial or technical sponsors/partners, each of them wanting their logo on the team`s clothing as prominently a possible in order to get some ROI (return on investment). As a result, modern pro team jerseys are often a touch messy with all of the logos the designers have to accommodate.

When the 2011 Leopard/Trek team was announced, with it's simple and bold styling, they caused a real stir in the cycling world.

The design was seen as a step backwards to the iconic retro wool jerseys of old, but then it is easy to do when a team has so few sponsors. Using just three colours (although more for the Luxembourg champion special edition jersey), a minimum number of logos the jersey was seen by many as the correct way to do it; you can certainly see more than a passing resemblance in 2012`s GreenEdge kit (version 2) from Santini.

It was a shame that the team only lasted one year in that format, and even more of a shame that they merged with RadioShack with the ever-present LIVESTRONG yellow band.




Date Submitted: 17 May 2016