Europ Decor/Dries/Eddy Merckx 1983 Team Wool Jersey

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Front of the Europ Decor/Dries/Eddy Merckx 1983 Team Wool Jersey

Team leader, Frank Hoste wore this in the later half of 1983 as he would have been proudly riding in the Belgian champion jersey before July.

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Prendas Ciclismo

Year: 1983

Manufacturer: Santini

Associated Bike Brand: Eddy Merckx Cycles

Team leader Frank Hoste won the Belgian championship in 1982, so would have worn the red, yellow and black champions jersey for the first part of the '83 season, but from July onwards, he would have been in this standard team jersey.  Hoste had a reasonable season, taking a stage in the Giro d'Italia as well as three stages in the Tour de Suisse.

I do feel that the jersey design itself is not quite as striking the the following year's, which maintained the pale yelow and blue colours as well as the all-important Eddy Merckx bicycle logos on the sleeves, however but I do like the cursive font used for the Maria Pia shoe brand, made possible using the flock manufacturing method.

Odd that the team was sponsored by Le Coq Sportif but Santini clearly made the jersey!

Since retiring from the professional peloton, Hoste has run a successful paint shop since 1991 painting bicycles from Mariakerke in East Flanders.

We also have 1984 version of the Europ Decor/Boule d`Or team jersey in the online collection for you to enjoy.




Date Submitted: 07 Sep 2016