Toshiba 1990 Team Jersey by Santini

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Front of the Toshiba 1990 Team Jersey by Santini

Coming after the iconic La Vie Claire team jersey design, the Toshiba/Look design was never as popular.

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Prendas Ciclismo


Manufacturer: Santini

Associated Bike Brand: Look Bikes

When I was a kid I got to work the occasional day in my local road bike shop (Ridge Racing, Bournemouth) that helped pay for my hobby.

The shop was years ahead of it`s time, dealing with European brands like Santini, Assos, Castelli when most club cyclists made do with the likes of Impsort and Medella.

I do vividly remember that the Toshiba team clothing was often a regular fixture in the bargain bin - coming after the iconic La Vie Claire team - it was a bit of a let down in terms of likeability.

I`m unsure of the inspiration of the design, presumably nothing to do with dazzle camouflage used in World War I to mislead the enemy!

Jean-Francois Bernard (Jeff) carried a heavy burden during her career, being the next great hope for French cycling after Bernard Hinault. Let`s hope that his son Julien will be able to find his feet in the pro peloton without the weight of a nation of his shoulders.

If you are interested in the La Vie Claire team, we have the 1985 version of this jersey as well as the hybrid 1988 version too.



Date Submitted: 17 May 2016