SEM France-Loire 1983 Jersey worn by Sean Kelly

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Front of the SEM France-Loire 1983 Jersey worn by Sean Kelly

Most Sean Kelly fans will have a favourite that he rode for, usually the KAS jersey, but my favourite is this SEM jersey!

Image Gallery:


Prendas Ciclismo

Year: 1983

Manufacturer: Unknown

Associated Bike Brand: Unknown

Look through any photography book about cycling and the chances are the usual suspects are all there:  Eddy Merckx in the Molteni/Arcore jersey, Bernard Hinault in the Renault/Elf jersey, Greg Lemond in the ADR jersey or La Vie Claire jersey and finally you'll see Sean Kelly thundering along the cobbles in a KAS jersey.

So let's bring some balance to the team jerseys that Sean Kelly wore by adding the SEM jersey to my collection!  

Kelly rode for the following during his career:

Kelly's best loved victory of the SEM period, despite a green jersey at the Tour de France, is without doubt victory in the 1983 Tour of Lombardy (Giro di Lombardia) which was his first classic win.  There are two cracking photos of the finish line one by Graham Watson and anohter by Sergio Panazzo both of which are featured in these two excellent write ups by Graham Healy on StickyBottle and Barry Boyce and CyclingRevealed.

Finally, I must carry out some research to get a definative answer, but the colours used for this SEM jersey also happens to mirror the Irish national colours.   I wonder if that was a coincedence?

GOOD NEWS: If you are a Sean Kelly fan, Prendas Ciclismo have an exclusive, highly accurrate version of the 1983 SEM / MAVIC jersey available for sale in addition to the KAS jersey they sell.




Date Submitted: 23 Mar 2017